Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grey King

It is my goal to read all of the Newberry Medal and Caldecott Medal winner books.  About a month ago when we walked into the Library there was The Grey King by Susan Cooper sitting on the display shelf and it had the gold circle which immediately caught my eye--it was a Newberry Medal winner!  I eagerly checked it out and then started reading in the car on the way home!!!!!!!

It is a classic GOOD vs EVIL book set in modern times but whose heroes can travel back and forth in time to where they are most needed and to get assistance in the present. 

I really liked the storyline--it was a hard book to put down but you have to read the sequel to finish the story.  And there are three books BEFORE The Grey King.  I read the sequel, Silver on the Tree,  in order to see who would win the battle between GOOD and EVIL.  The story is kind of Lord of the Rings-ish in that there are several storylines happening at once and you need to remember who is where and what they are doing and is very hard to put down to do simple things like eat, sleep, shower, etc.  You must remember that I have children and rarely have the opportunity to sit down and read a book through like I did in my high school, college, single days.  I remember sneaking out to read by the hall light when I was supposed to be sleeping soundly in bed.  Ah, those days are gone.  I'm just thankful to be able to read for a few minutes when. . .well, you don't want to know when;-)

Some of the evil guys are kind of scary so I'd say this is probably about 5th grade reading level--BUT there is some cussing in both books--and not all by the BAD guys.  Just a warning:  some people have very strong feelings about such things.

I do have the first book in the series sitting in the Library spot waiting to be read. . .maybe tonight after everyone else is soundly snoozing I'll break it open. . .

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