Saturday, November 27, 2010


by Johanna Spyri
Great Illustrated Classics series

{Eddy's baby sister is named Heidi so he couldn't wait to read this book.}

Once there was a girl named Heidi. She had an uncle. Heidi's mom took her to Uncle Alp. Heidi had a great time there. One day Heidi had to leave. When Heidi got to her new home she made a friend. Her name was Clara. Heidi had a good time. One time everyone thought the house was haunted because Sebastian found a door open and saw a white figure on the stairs. The next day they found out Heidi was sleepwalking! Heidi had to go back after that but Clara came to Heidi's house! Clara learned to walk at their house. Everyone was so happy!

The End?
Essay by Eddy
7 yrs old
During Thanksgiving break we borrowed two versions of Heidi from the library. Sounds crazy but I love the Shirley Temple version and wanted to see the version with Jane Seymour as the housekeeper for Clara's family. It was fun to watch the movies and look for differences between them and the book.


by A.A. Milne
Illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard
Colored by Hilda Scott
161 pages

1. One time Pooh went to visit rabbit. Pooh ate one jar of honey and then decided to leave. When Pooh tried to leave he could not go through the hole because he was too wide. Pooh had to stay there for a week and then finally got out.

2. One time Pooh was going around a circle. Pooh was trying to catch a woozle. Finally Pooh realized he was following his own tracks.

3. One time Eeyore lost his tail and Pool knew that. Pooh went to Owl's house and saw a tail. Pooh took the tail back to Eeyore and put it back on.

4. One time Piglet wanted to catch a heffulump. Piglet made a big hole to capture one. Piglet caught Pooh instead.

5. One time Eeyore had a birthday. Pooh and Piglet brought him each a present. That was Eeyore's best time in his life.

6. One time Rabbit stole Roo. Kanga pretended that Piglet was Roo. Kanga tricked Pooh, Rabbit, and Piglet.

7. One time Pooh was going on an expedition to find the North Pole. Pooh went a very long way and finally got to a pond. Pooh thought the pole was the North Pole so Pooh went home.

8. One time Piglet got trapped in a big rainstorm. Pooh rescued Piglet.

9. One time The Hundred Acre Wood had a big party because Pooh saved Piglet.

Essay by Eddy
7 yrs old